Work Wear

Working in comfort all year round

Ensuring your workers are fitted out in gear that works as hard as they do is essential for performance and for health and safety. Promo & Print Co. sources Australia’s leading brands to offer the highest quality, latest technology, enhanced durability, and comfort to complete all of your work wear needs. It is vital that safety wear is fit-for-purpose and compliant with the latest Australian Standards. Promo & Print Co. offers premium products engineered to ensure comfort, durability and functionality to enable the best performance in all conditions.

High visibility workwear has transformed the way industries in Australian work. Health and safety is a high priority, and hi vis workwear is hugely effective, highly recommended, and on many worksites, essential. Promo & Print Co offers all your work wear needs, including vests, jackets and pants designed to be clearly seen, in day or at night. Hi vis gear must comply with stringent Australian Standards, with florescent orange and yellow the most common colours. For night-time workers and those in areas of poor visibility, reflective perforated tape is adhered to the apparel. In additional to traditional work wear options, Promo & Print Co. offers customisation service, where your artwork or print, in addition to your logo, can be incorporated into a one of kind design.

Hi vis work wear offers improved worker safety, it is easily noticed by drivers, and it mitigates hazards in poor weather. Promo & Print Co. supply work boots that are built to fit and can be worn in comfort all day. Our feet are constantly working and any issues with your feet can throw your entire body out of alignment, causing pain and discomfort. That’s why having supportive, comfortable, fit-for-purpose work boots is so important for your overall wellbeing. Happier feet mean less body fatigue and more productivity. No matter what industry you’re in, we’ve got you covered, from construction, general trades, mining, agriculture, emergency services, oil & gas/chemical, transport & warehouse, or white collar.