Window Wrap

The Need:

Our client operates a manufacturing plant that features a busy factory floor as well as administrative and managerial offices. Our client wanted to afford an enhanced level of privacy to staff in offices, but also maintain accessibility. Offices featured large interior windows which were considered a blank space rather than a welcome attribute. The opportunity to showcase company values was also identified, and so a solution which ticked all boxes was preferred.

The Response:

The human eye tends to notice brighter colours over darker colours. Printed one-way vision film contains areas of printed graphic (a print pattern) as well as unprinted see-through areas covering up to 50% of the film. The holes, where there is no film, have no ink and therefore are generally darker, almost black. To enhance privacy but maintain the desired level of transparency we printed one-way vision film showcasing company values across office windows.

This solution balanced all of the objectives of our client while delivering a professional, striking effect. We customise every window wrap we install and each is made to measure; we never rely on a one size fits all approach but strive to deliver the best outcome for our clients.

The Result:

Installation was completed swiftly and professionally and the resultant effect was impactful and on point. Space for key messaging was maximised and the offices were elevated in terms of professionalism and appeal.