Promotional pens are well-known as a leading selling device. Given that the average person is bound to lose hundreds of pens in their lifetime, giving someone a promotional pen can be a parachute at the right moment. Whether they need to take down the number of a client, potential employee, or even for a date, a pen can be a gamechanger. Promotional pens allow your brand to have an impact with new or potential customers while also serving a real everyday purpose.


Pens are one of the most affordable pieces of promotional material that any company can offer to the clients or potential customers. They can cost well under a dollar and be turned around quickly if there's a big event on the horizon. Pens can be included with any materials that you send out to customers or clients. If you need to send them a catalogue, goods or even paperwork, include some pens along with your package. Every time you sell something or ship anything to anyone, including a pen or two will get them acquainted with your logo.

Pens are the easiest kind of promotional material to get out to your clients. And since they're so cheap, you can hand them out without worrying about costs. When you make larger investments in promotional items you have to manage costs in a way you don't have to with pens. Because of the low cost and ease of getting them out there, promotional pens are the ideal product for marketing your business, company, or non-profit.


There's no slowing down of how many pens we use or we need. Pens are always in demand no matter what industry we're in. Pens aren't going anywhere and neither will the want for a free one. When it comes time to reach for a pen, we almost expect to find one for free.


With the wide variety of pens that are available to create promotional items out of, there's something that seems customised to your own business model, lending a sense of uniqueness. If your business is focused on correcting or fixing problems, you could make a series of red pens so that people associate you with crossing out mistakes. If you're in the world of financial investing or you can create promotional pens that are high-quality and executive level. If quantity is the most important element, you can customise pens that have a unique grip or shape that are still inexpensive. There are pens that are made expressly for entrepreneurs, others that are catered to more light-hearted brands, and those that come in fun colours. If you're in a high-end market, consider a metal pen over a plastic pen to show your customers that you don't skimp when it comes to quality and service. If you give them a beautiful high-end pen, they'll forever associate you with class and quality.


The crazy thing about promotional pens is that they don't often stay in one place for long. If you're in the pharmaceutical industry and send three pens to a doctor's office, you'd be surprised at how your pens move. They'll be in the hands of a patient to sign a document, then being used to write a prescription, or schedule an exam later. Every time they touch someone's hand, you get customer content and awareness of your brand.

Most marketing experts agree that someone needs to see or hear about a brand a few times before it makes an impact. With the help of promotional pens, your brand will end up making lots of quick impacts with your customers or clients. Your pen could end up moving from the home of the person you send it to, to their workplace, and then in the home of someone else. We often pick up pens accidentally and then bring them to new locations with us. If this happens to your pens, you'll end up getting lots of extra promotion with very little extra effort.


When you're out handing out fliers to potential clients and customers, they might quickly reject them. Rather than risk spending money on promotional items that immediately go in the trash, try out promotional pens. It's rare that someone will throw away a working pen for no reason. Pens are one of those things that people keep around "just in case".