The office desk may seem like a mundane piece of furniture, but in the promotional world an employee’s desk represents extremely valuable advertising space. The majority of people are at work for eight hours a day, and many sit in the one place - at their desk - during that time period. If your current or prospective client is using your branded materials or promo gift in the office, you have secured one of the most valuable advertising spaces available. A well-selected promotional product can become a permanent billboard of your brand and your message within a workplace.

In today’s digital world, so many promotions come in the form of an impersonal discount code or an email link. However, despite the technology, humans are still very much the same, and people still love something that they can touch and feel. Receiving a tangible product is fun for most people, and usually far more interesting than any digital promotion. Creating an item that is tactile, personalised and meaningful enhances brand awareness. People like things that they feel are ‘for them’ or ‘about them’. Useful products people can use every day or innovative products that capture the attention of others are a great part of any promotional strategy and can deliver excellent return on investment.

A product that is useful everyday creates an immediate and ongoing appreciation and forges a positive link to your brand. By including your contact details on a product, new customers are also more likely to call you as you are at such easy reach. It’s a great long-term business card that won’t thrown or filed away, out of site out of mind.

By adding personal value to your general marketing message you are enhancing the response to your message. Further, by bulk-purchasing your promotional products for far less cost than their individual retail value, but the perceived value to the recipient will be far higher. This is particularly useful when providing office products, as the person who receives your promotional gift will assume that they have been given quite a good present and will want to hold onto it and use it. A product that costs $5 can represent a value of $15 to the recipient - the total apparent value of the overall package is increased substantially beyond that of the cost of the original item and in turn adds value to your brand.