Head Protection

Head protection can include a variety of PPE, including safety helmets, sun hats and wet weather gear. Promo & Print Co. offers strong, lightweight and comfortable hard hats compatible with a range of accessories, including protective face-shields, safety earmuffs and sun protection shading. Hard hats are available in a range of colours that help classify work areas, company position, and visitors to site and we naturally offer custom embellishment of logos and safety messages.

Promo & Print Co. partners with Australia’s leading providers of PPE to help our clients sort through the multitude of products on the market and source the very best fit for purpose gear, meeting critical Australian Standards. We are constantly monitoring advances in innovation, protection, durability, and comfort to ensure we can offer our clients the best safety solutions. From single use, disposable options to premium selections, we can help keep your workers as safe as possible.

Our product range includes hard hats designed to suit the Australian environment as well as accessories including lamp brackets, chin straps, sweat banks, sun flap, snap brims and holders. Our sun protection range includes UPF rated hats as well as sunscreen, lip balm and more.