Hands always matter...

There are many types of gloves available to protect against a wide variety of hazards. The nature of the hazard and the operation involved will affect the selection of gloves. Potential hazards to hands and arms include skin absorption of harmful substances, chemical or thermal burns, electrical dangers, bruises, abrasions, cuts, punctures, fractures or amputations. Protective equipment includes gloves, finger guards and arm coverings. The variety of potential occupational hand injuries makes selecting the right pair of gloves challenging.

Promo & Print Co. partners with Australia’s leading providers of PPE to help our clients sort through the multitude of products on the market and source the very best fit for purpose gear, meeting critical Australian Standards. We are constantly monitoring advances in innovation, protection, durability, and comfort to ensure we can offer our clients the best safety solutions. From single use, disposable options to premium selections, we can help keep your workers as safe as possible.

In general, gloves fall into the following categories:

• Leather, Canvas or Metal Mesh Gloves: These types of gloves protect against cuts, burns and punctures.
• Fabric and Coated Fabric Gloves: These types of gloves are made of cotton or other fabric. They generally protect against dirt, chafing and abrasions.
• Insulating rubber gloves: These gloves are used for protection against electrical hazards.
• Chemical and liquid resistant gloves: When working with chemicals with a high acute toxicity, working with corrosive materials in high concentrations, handling chemicals for extended periods of time or immersing all or part of a hand into a chemical, the appropriate glove material should be selected, based on chemical compatibility.

There are several factors besides glove material to consider when selecting the appropriate glove. The amount of dexterity needed to perform a particular manipulation must be weighed against the glove material recommended for maximum chemical resistance. In some cases, particularly when working with delicate objects where fine dexterity is crucial, a bulky glove may actually be more of a hazard. In addition to dexterity, glove thickness, length, size and colour is also important.

Promo & Print Co. sources gloves developed by leading manufacturers in compliance with the latest standards. Products include premium performance gloves for most industries including oil & gas, public works, mechanical, food, cold works, construction, landscaping & horticulture, rail, port & shipping and mining.