Feather Flags

Feather Flags / Tear Drop Banners

Feather Flags, also known as advertising flags, tear drop banners, and banner flags, are a great outdoor or indoor advertising tool. We have over 50 different Feather Flag sizes and shapes, and these are ideal when you have limited horizontal space. They can be seen from a great distance and are built tough for Australian conditions.

The kits are easily assembled as the poles simply telescope together, with the flag sliding over the end and secured at the base.

Feather Flags are lightweight and portable, and for this reason are a favourite of many companies wanting to promote their products or services. The poles have numerous bases, such as ground spikes, flat and folding bases for indoor uses, as well as car wheelbases.

The Feather Flag can be assembled within a couple of minutes and can be taken down just as quick. No tools are required for the assembly of our flags.