Event Wear

The Need:

Our race club client rang us on Monday needing 200 shirts for an event that weekend. Their needs were urgent and unique: a much-loved jockey was retiring and they wanted to make his final day something to remember. Ideally, they wanted a full colour print of the subject in question in action, so an official club photo featuring the jockey was the first choice for embellishment.

The Response:

It was decided that the most dramatic and effective technique would be to sublimate the photo on to an easy fit polo shirt. Our in-house sublimation team has the equipment and skills to be able to apply photo image quality graphics to our stock line of garments. At Promo & Print Co., we pride ourselves on growing our in-house production abilities so that we can increase our local work force as well as provide our clients with the goods they need on any timeline.

Our talented graphic designer mocked up a design for the polo shirts featuring photo artwork provided by our client and in keeping with their style guide for use of their logo and brand elements. The design was quickly approved and moved into production.

The Result:

The job was turned around in 3 days and shipped to our client before COB Friday, ready to go for the big day. 200 people lined up beside the finish line to cheer their favourite jockey on to one last victory. In addition to the popular response from all in attendance, local media featured the story in its sports round up of that weekend.