Eco Promotional Products

It’s always an ideal time to update your company's green marketing strategy. By promoting your brand with eco-friendly promotional products, your company is taking part in a revolutionary movement that defines this generation. More and more companies are choosing to decrease their environmental impact and increase brand awareness with sustainable promotional products. Eco-friendly products boost your overall marketing strategy by demonstrating your brand’s values. With more and more consumers choosing to live an environmentally sound lifestyle, developing a green promotional strategy makes perfect sense. Not only do your company’s principles match those of potential customers, being a champion for green living promotes a positive and progressive brand image.

Sustainable promotional products can be made from all-natural or recycled materials and are a great way to promote positive environmental habits. Best of all, sustainable items can be branded with your company logo, just like any other promotional product. According to industry research, sustainable products provide environmental, social, and economic benefits while protecting public health, welfare, and environment over their full commercial cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to final disposal.

Once you've got the knack for green marketing, every aspect of your company can reflect eco-friendly values as well. When integrated into company policies, selecting eco-friendly promotional options can contribute to your company’s broader environmental policy. It makes perfect sense to lead with a green promotional campaign when other positive policy measures include:
Revamp office recycling practices
Use green materials like recycled paper
Reduce overall paper waste from printing (not everything needs to be printed!)
Utilise fair trade and ethically sourced products
Only use non-toxic cleaning products
Encourage employees to bike or use public transit for their commute.

Top Green Products

Stone Notebooks

Notebooks are always popular giveaways, but some notebooks are greener than others. Stone paper is a revolutionary product made from calcium carbonate powder. The pages of this stone paper notebook are 100% tree-free, and are also anti-static, acid free, water resistant, grease resistant, tear resistant, and insect resistant. The notebook features an eco-friendly cardboard cover imprinted with your logo or message. It also includes 60 pages of ruled stone paper, plus an elastic pen loop that holds a paper barrel ballpoint pen.

Metal Straw

This eco-friendly reusable metal straw will help recipients reduce their waste by eliminating the need for plastic drinking straws. The extendable design expands and collapses to any length for convenience, and the rubber tip makes drinking from this straw enjoyable. Recipients will love the carrying case that allows them to keep their straw clean and ready to use at a moment's notice.


As people become more eco-conscious, reusable drinkware continues to be one of the most popular categories of promotional products. Help your customers use fewer single-use plastic water bottles with this water bottle with snap lid. Available in a rainbow of bottle and lid colours, your branding features prominently on this fully recyclable bottle. The snap-on cap makes this bottle so convenient, customers will want to carry it everywhere.

Bento Box

Bringing lunch to work or school is great, but single-use plastic bags and containers are bad for the environment. Add your brand to a product that can make a difference with the Bently Bento Lunch Container. What’s a bento box? It’s a compartmentalized container that allows you to portion and store a meal. It’s like a lunchbox and tupperware container all in one! This three-part bento box includes a base, a stainless-steel food compartment, and a snap-on lid. Your full colour logo features prominently on the lid so recipients will be reminded of your brand each time they chow down.


With many people trying consciously reduce waste, reusable shopping bags continue to surge in popularity as useful promotional items. These Eco-Green Jute Totes take sustainable bags to the next level. This bag is an Eco-Responsible™ Product made from jute, a natural vegetable fibre. The tote has ample room to boldly imprint your logo or message, and features cotton web handles for convenient and comfortable carrying. When your giveaway is made from natural materials and helps reduce waste, you have a sustainable item everyone will love.


You would never know from looking at it, but this stylish custom twill cap is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Available in a variety of colours, this cap provides the perfect channel for embroidering your logo or message. The cap is low profile, unstructured, and features a fabric strap closure that tucks away to add to the style. The materials of this cap may be recycled, but the impression it leaves will last a long time.