Custom Keyring

The Need:

Our client operates an asphalt profiling company which provides essential services to construct roads, pavements, car parks and any other asphalt surface with a completely level and smooth finish. Asphalt profiling requires the use of special machinery operated by trained professionals to remove asphalt to a certain thickness. As the machinery used is incredibly unique, we worked with our client to model a key ring with bottle opener from a specialized & heavy duty profiler vehicle.

The Response:

Our talented graphic artist sketched a line drawing based on photos of the heavy vehicle. Detail was applied so that a unique mould could be developed for a one-off metal keyring. We worked with our client through a number of versions until the design was spot on.

The Result:

The nifty product is so unique that it starts a conversation among anyone using the clever tool to uncap a bottle. The product balanced all of the objectives of our client while delivering a usable end product.