Corporate Uniforms

Promo & Print Co. prides itself on delivering fast, personalised and embellished work wear of distinction that gives your business the edge.

Promo & Print Co. offers apparel from leading corporate brands, ensuring you get a sharp and professional image for your business that is that is underpinned by stylish, durable, and comfortable work wear options. We have years of experience producing high quality and functional corporate apparel for a wide range of industries, offering both off-the-rack options and custom designs.

Your complete uniform management solution is just a click away as our online client portal offers unique customisation to match your procurement needs, such as enabling authorised team members to order pre-approved items at contracted pricing. As we manage portals in-house, we are able to tailor your online store to “look and feel” like an extension of your normal online environment, with familiar icons, categories, and language. Our client portal provides a competitive edge and provides clients with efficient modes of placing and fulfilling orders.

We are dedicated to providing corporate wear of the highest standard - garments which are ethically sourced and quality assured - to match your exact requirements. We also understand the importance of employees feeling comfortable and confident, which is why we produce uniforms that look and feel good, boosting morale while reflecting your corporate image. We can supply a complete wardrobe solution and style guide, or provide updates to your existing range, matching your existing style guide. At Promo & Print Co., we are brand specialists, so you can be sure we will help your team look and feel great and stand out for all the right reasons.

Promo & Print Co. will manage all of the elements that come together to create professional, brand-specific garments to your requirements. We set ourselves apart by:

• Only selecting products and services of appropriate quality and reliability
• Undertaking ongoing due diligence on all our preferred suppliers
• Offering diverse ranges with a wide selection of colours and styles
• Availability of our range usually for a period of 3-5 years to ensure continuity of supply
• Investment in systems to ensure efficiency and easy online access.