Coffee Cups

Drinking coffee is such a daily ritual for so many of us, we wouldn’t be able to get moving without it. Their high use and functionality means coffee cups are a staple in any promotional toolkit. The range of coffee cups you can customise to suit your brand is extensive and growing constantly as new and improved designs present unique, innovative, and eco-friendly options.

The traditional ceramic mug has been updated so that it remains a classic, but can feature the highest quality prints including techniques such as thermochromic coating which allows a dishwasher safe wrap around branding to appear “magically” when hot liquid is added and then disappear again as it cools. Reusable coffee cup options have taken the world by storm as people increasingly think of the environment when enjoying a takeaway beverage, and the different colours, materials, and styles available are matched by clever decorative options that create a highly customisable impact.

Three in four Australians are enjoying at least one coffee a day and over a quarter of us go back for seconds, thirds, and more. The high use, portability, and functionality of a reusable cup means your brand is on display in workplaces and cafes and whenever you distribute them. Because of the relatively large printable surface area on a cup’s surface, you can flex your creative muscles to come up with a design that suits your style guide to a tee.

By using promotional coffee mugs as part of your marketing, you're providing a product that will likely get a lot of use, and each time a consumer uses your mug, your brand will become even more firmly imprinted in their memory and will be noticed by people around them. Reusable coffee cups are green by their very function, reducing the amount of packaging and waste which would otherwise be thrown away. We also offer ranges that follow green manufacturing principles, where the cup itself is produced from recycled materials such as rice or bamboo.