out of 10

people will remember your brand from a promotional bag.

A custom branded bag is one of the most basic items to add to your company’s promotional kit. There is an endless array of styles that can either be produced in bulk or customised for special occasions. The true reach of such a simple item is phenomenal. Your brand can be literally carried anywhere and everywhere and cleverly showcase your messages. Promotional bags are one of the most accessible and useful ways to show off your brand, and the use of creative design elements in your embellishment can communicate your messages with flair. The more people are out and about carrying your branded bag, the more publicity you get.

Promotional bags present an empty canvas that you can print whatever you want on. An eye-catching design will make a lasting impact and, importantly, you can make something that people will want to use and reuse again and again, leading to both immediate and long-term exposure with overwhelmingly positive results. When compared to the cost of some forms of paid advertising, which can be expensive and received with mixed results, promotional bags are a clear winner. They are inexpensive to make to make and embellish, and the more you order, the more inexpensive they are. The eco-benefits of reuse are excellent and we offer the latest eco-friendly and ethically sourced products available.

We have a huge range of quality tote bags, cooler bags, promotional bags, duffle bags, fold up bags, custom bags, backpacks, toiletry bags, travel bags and eco-friendly bags. Most significantly, these branded bags will create brand advocates and if your design stands out, people will use these bags again and again, acting as a walking advertisement for your company. Also significant is that marketing research supports that people who get your branded bags can lead to them expressing enhanced loyalty to your company. Further, research has shown that 9 out of 10 people will remember your brand from a promotional bag and 8 out of 10 will remember your message.